Release quarantined and blocked emails

Every user must be getting a Quarantine digest daily. Which looks like the below screenshot. 

Every mail in the quarantined list gives options to:-

  1. Preview - Can be previewed the email before taking any action.
  2. Release - Releases the mail and sends/receives the mails based on the action. 
  3. Release & Approve - Release the mail and adds the sender to the whitelist so that no other mail from the same email ID will be quarantined.
  4. Block - Adds the email ID to the blocked sender list, so no other mail will reach the quarantine from the same email ID.

Users also get a notification whenever an outgoing mail is blocked due to some reasons. The below picture is such an example.

In those cases, users can go to the Quarantine list by clicking on the 'Sign in to your account' from the 1st screenshot given above or directly by going to

The page prompts for credentials the way it is shown in the below screenshot. Click on the 'Office 365 Account' button to login with your Office 365 logins. If one of the tabs on the browser is already logged in with your Office365 account, it will automatically log you in.

You will get the following window after successful login:-

You can select 'Inbound mail' or 'Outbound mail' from the 'Type' filed and select' Quarantined or Blocked' from the 'Status' filed based on the digest you have received. You can also select 'Any' to check all the mails. Then select the Date field to filter based on the date/span. Hit 'Search' to get the results, like the example below;-

Select the mail that you want to release or take any action, then from the Action menu select an action. Following actions are available:-

  1. Release - Releases the mail
  2. Release and Approve - Releases and adds to the safe senders list.
  3. Report as False Positive - If an outbound mail is blocked, and you are very sure that there is no reason to block then you can submit this as a False Positive so that no future similar emails are blocked again.
  4. Report as False Negative - If any mail is reached your inbox which you consider as spam, you can use this option to submit the False-negative.


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